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Rep. Golden Will Work to Correct His Failure

Rep. Jared Golden has reversed his long-held position against banning lethal weapons such as the one used in the recent, horrific Lewiston shooting. “The time has now come for me to take responsibility for this failure.” And we say Thank You! It takes courage to change and we need courage from our Representatives more than ever.

Responses from recent voter surveys taken by Washington County Democrats volunteers revealed "Sensible gun legislation" as a TOP THREE ISSUE local voters want to see action on.

For more information on our country's mass shootings from 1982-2023 click HERE

(these shootings do not include robberies or gang violence)

Another interesting article providing factual information on the "Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy" myth -

While Maine has a "yellow flag" law, it is woefully weak and needlessly complicated. Read more about it HERE.

Politicians love to say "Now is not the time to talk about it..." when asked about sensible gun legislation as grief-stricken families and horrified gun control advocates are crying for change. So we would ask, "WHEN? When IS the time, then? Do we wait for another shooting only to hear you say it's not the time yet again?" At this point, mass shootings are coming so fast and furious, that there is hardly time in between them.

And if "guns don't kill people, but only people kill people," why do we keep giving people guns? If it's a "mental health" issue, why do we keep giving people with mental health issues guns? If the problem is the human heart, as newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson claims, why do we keep giving people with hearts a gun? IT'S THE GUNS, DUMMY!

And for those who claim the 2nd Amendment contains no potential for restrictions of any kind, well, I hate to break it to you, but we've had restrictions on certain types of weapons for decades. Although the previous Assault Weapons Ban was riddled with loopholes that need to be closed in future legislation, it had a huge impact on reducing gun-related deaths. Rep. Chellie Pingree is a long-time advocate for sensible reform and a federal red flag law. While Senator Angus King remains opposed to sensible gun legislation. Senator Susan Collins says we only need to legislate magazine size. Fine, let's start with that. Heck, let's start with ANYTHING that will curb this crazy loss of life.

CALL your Representatives and let them know that YOU SUPPORT SENSIBLE GUN LEGISLATION.

Senator Susan Collins - (207) 945-0417

Senator Angus King - (207) 945-8000

Rep. Jared Golden - (207) 249-7400

Rep. Chellie Pingree - 207-774-5019

Contact your STATE Reps and let them know YOU SUPPORT RED FLAG LAWS.

State Senator Marianne Moore - (207) 287-1505 -

State Representative - Carmichael, Meldon H. (R - Greenbush - District 18) (207) 827-1000

State Representative - Davis, Kenneth Ralph (R - East Machias - District 10) (207) 263-7045 -

House Republican Leader - Faulkingham, Billy Bob (R - Winter Harbor - District 12) -

State Representative - Perry, Anne C. (D - Calais - District 9) (207) 214-7000 -

State Representative - Quint, Tracy L. (R - Hodgdon - District 8) (207) 217-4493

State Representative - Strout, Tiffany (R - Harrington - District 11) (207) 598-7043 -

Two people in red "Moms Demand Action" shirts outside public building

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