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Resolution in Support of Red Flag Laws and Sensible Gun Legislation

Whereas, the safety and well-being of our communities are of utmost importance, and the prevention of gun violence is a shared responsibility;

Whereas, recent events have brought to light the need for comprehensive and sensible gun legislation to address the increasing concerns related to public safety;

And acknowledging Representative Jared Golden's recent change of position, wherein he recognizes the significance of enacting red flag laws and reasonable gun legislation to protect our communities and prevent tragedies;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that we, the undersigned, express our support for Representative Jared Golden's evolving stance on these issues.

Be It Further Resolved, that we urge lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels to work collaboratively to pass legislation that enables the implementation of red flag laws, allowing temporary firearm restrictions for individuals who pose a significant risk to themselves or others;

Be It Further Resolved, that we call upon our elected officials to advocate for common-sense measures, including universal background checks, closing gun show and online sales loopholes, and restricting access to firearms for individuals with a history of domestic violence or mental illness;

Be It Further Resolved, that we encourage the allocation of resources for mental health services and support, recognizing the crucial role mental health plays in preventing gun violence;

Be It Further Resolved, that we support comprehensive research on gun violence and its causes, which will inform evidence-based policies and help us better understand the complexities of this issue;

Be It Further Resolved, that copies of this resolution be forwarded to all other elected officials for Washington County, urging them to join the efforts to pass red flag laws and reasonable gun legislation at all levels of government;

Be It Further Resolved, that this resolution be made publicly available to raise awareness about the importance of sensible gun legislation and encourage open dialogue within our communities on this critical issue.

Adopted this 5th day of November, 2023.

_Jonathan Goble, Chair_____________________________



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